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Retirement Income Plans

I specialize in providing retirement income planning for soon to be retired, partially retired and fully retired couples and individuals. Most of my clients are in the 50 plus age group.

I shall use my expertise and experience that I have gained in helping hundreds of clients to design a comprehensive retirement income and estate plan for you and then I shall monitor and modify your plan for your changing life circumstances.

Let me guide you along the path to a better, more enjoyable, worry free retirement!

I am also a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging

This means I understand the challenges of individuals age 50 or older; their lifestyle changes, and concerns with aging.

Certified Professional Consultants on Aging (CPCA)® are professionals who have taken a comprehensive 24 module course about the health, social, and financial aspects of aging. All CPCAs® must agree to abide by a rigorous Code of Professional Responsibility overseen by an independent Board of Standards and continuing education requirements on issues affecting those age 50 or more. Since the beginning of 2004 in Canada, 3000 professionals have taken the CPCA® training.

This training allows me to provide more than just financial advice to my elder clients.

Read the current Maturity Matters Newsletter on issues for seniors published for distribution by CPCA® designated advisors.

Click Here for Maturity Matters Newsletter

I am also a member of CARP

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) is dedicated to highlighting the needs and concerns of retired Canadians and advocating for their interests with the federal and provincial governments. Their website is a valuable resource tool. Check it out!

Click Here for CARP

Living in Retirement Website

This Governement of Canada Website prolvides a wealth of resources for individuals living in retirement or contemplating it.

Click Here for Living In Retirement Resources

Financial Services Commission of Ontario Website on Pensions

Learn valuable information concerning your employer's pension plan.

Click Here for Pensions in Ontario

Retirement Income Calculator and Services Canada Website

Learn about government income programs such as Old Age Security (OAS) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and use the retirement income calculator to estimate your total sources of retirement income.

Click Here for Retirement Income Calculator

A Website for Programs and Services for Seniors in Ontario

Learn about valuable resources, programs and services for seniors in Ontario.

Click Here for Resources for Seniors

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